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I was constantly looking for the information I needed, bit by bit. You can surf the whole internet and find very abstract information – theory without facts. Countless seminars, SEO articles, SEO lessons, like pouring water through a sieve. Finally, I have found the service where I can get hold of necessary SEO information, based on concrete facts. I don’t believe different SEO Gurus. I need evidence and algodiscovery provides it to me!
Charlie Remington

Seo specialist

3 Responses to “Reviews of the project”

  1. Paul

    Great project! Thank you for your job, your tests help me to save my time and means. Now I know the tricks for search engines which help to keep my websites in TOP. I’m waiting for new research!

  2. Ben

    I’m very grateful to Algodiscovery team, your experiments are a real discovery! You have opened my eyes, now I know the effect of C class IP owing to your team. Keep on like that!

  3. Mark Daniels

    Many thanks for such useful website!
    Nowadays search engines are unpredictable, and the idea of such research is very urgent. I’m a SEO freelancer and your project has become my number one helper.

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